HILLARY CLINTON EXCUSE #1,452...The Russians Helped Trump Beat Me

Hillary Clinton has to be one of the most pathetic people living in the United States today. She can't accept that she was one of the lousiest candidates of all time. She canceled campaign stops over a four day period and went to California for a huge fundraiser with the beautiful people.

During that four day period, Donald Trump made 13 campaign events, each of which drew huge crowds. She never visited Wisconsin and barely appeared in Pennsylvania and Michigan. And when she did a campaign rally, the crowds were minuscule.  She had no vision or main theme.

Her only argument was that Trump was a racist working with Russia.

From Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continued her worldwide excuses tour Wednesday night; saying Russian interference in the 2016 race for the White House “succeeded” in electing Donald Trump.

“They had an objective to sew discord and divisiveness within our society at large and to help Donald Trump. And they succeeded,” Clinton told MSNBC News.

Since her stunning defeat to DonaldSays Russia ‘SUCCEEDED’ in Stealing 2016 Election Trump in 2016, Clinton has blamed a wide range of causes for her electoral disaster; including Russia, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, the New York Times, racism, sexism, the electoral college, the DNC, Facebook, Google, the FBI, James Comey, and more.

Let's look at the facts. The Russians spent 100k for ads for both candidates and many of the ads ran after the election. Hillary spent 1.2 billion dollars. The massive online scheme was a bust because the posts were in Russian.

That just leaves the hacking of the DNC server. There is no evidence it was the Russians because no one outside of the DNC ever saw the server. Is that because it was an inside job?

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