Paul Ryan Finds His SPINE With DACA

Paul Ryan, widely regarded as King of the Rinos, has seemed to have FINALLY found a spine when dealing with Senate Democrats, pushing for a no-strings amnesty when it comes to DACA.

“We’re not going to bring immigration legislation through that the President doesn’t support,” Ryan told reporters Tuesday.

AND BOOM! The Dems got shot down just like that!

Many of the Democratic Senators want to challenge President Trump on his DACA and No Amnesty move but not wanting to put their stance on the record, most likely because of their next election cycles.

Ryan said Tuesday:

Let me be very clear about this. We’ll take a bill that the president supports, so we look — put it this way, President Trump made a very serious and sincere offer of goodwill with the reforms that he sent to the Hill. That is what we should be working off of. Those are the bipartisan negotiations that the Majority Leader is conducting on our behalf. So we’re not going to bring immigration legislation through that the President doesn’t support. We’re working on something here in the House, we’re working on bipartisan negotiations, it is going to be a bill that we support, that the President supports.

The statement suggests that he is willing to recognize immigration issues will play a large role in November while still opening the door for Democrats, liberal Republicans, and the media to talk up the promise of amnesty for the "dreamers".

As reported by Breitbart:

McConnell has been very tight-lipped about how will arrange the pending amnesty-and-immigration debate in the Senate. On Tuesday, he told reporters:

I’m going to structure [the floor debate] in such a way that’s fair to everyone … I  can’t be specific because there’s no secret plan here to try to push this in any direction. The Senate is going to work its will, and I hope that we will end up passing something.

However, the Senate rules require a supermajority of 60 votes to get something approved, ensuring that Democrats can block Trump’s proposals and Republicans can block Democrats’ proposals. “Whoever gets to 60 wins,” McConnell said.

Democrats were hoping to get support from a bloc of 10 to 15 business-first Republicans led by Maine Sen. Susan Collins. But Ryan’s statement means they likely will lose some of their own Senators and so need to win over roughly 20 Republicans before they can reach the 60-vote threshold. That obstacle likely ensures that few of the 10 to 15 GOP Senators will publicly endorse a Democratic plan that Trump opposes.

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