Joe Scarborough Calls Out Democrat Congress For Lack Of Focus

Joe Scarborough, a host for MSNBC, went off on Congressional Democrats  for forcibly pushing ahead with a vote that will most  likely only be symbolic to "codify" the outcomes from the famous abortion case Roe v. Wade, making the argument that they should be focused on actually doing things that could actually happen instead of just "virtue-signaling."

Scarborough stated that a large portion of Americans showed support for at least some access to abortion, but the Democrats chose to attempt to forge a path forward with the  Women’s Health Protection Act that would allow greater access and guarantee a woman's right to abortion through the entire nine-month pregnancy and with no need to give a reason.

Expanding the bill to grant more extensive abortion access, argued Scarborough, was the nail in the coffin that guarantees that it will fail -- and he also questioned why Democrats would not have chosen to adopt a far more moderate stance in order to make the subject far more appealings. He also argued that doing so could have resulted in the continued support of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who is currently the only Democrat to vote "no" to this new WHPA, along with possibly attracting some support from Republicans such as Senators  Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME).

"I guarantee you, you put together everything that’s in this bill, it ain’t 70%. It’s not supported by 70%. You know, but again, Roe, we know it has that 70% support. Why not have a bipartisan bill? Why not have a bill that 70% of Americans support?"

John Heileman also questioned whether it might have been a strategic move, highlighting that the members of the Senate could push a far more moderate bill sporting bipartisan support at a close time to the upcoming November midterm elections.

"The story of this Democratic Congress, thus far, is wildly overshooting the mark. And getting nothing from it," stated Scarborough in complaint.

"Well, they want to know where people stand," answered co-host Mika Brzezinski, highlighting Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s possible reasoning for atrongarming in this vote.

"You know, the time for virtue-signaling is over. They don’t have many legislative days left," Scarborough pushed back, making the arguement that a vote that they knew was doom outright was just a waste of the group's valuable time.

"They could go to Joe Manchin and say, we need a $1.75 trillion bill. Joe Manchin said, ‘I’ll give you a $1.75 trillion bill.’ I want to — and nobody ever says this because they always like sticking horns on Joe Manchin who, by the way, Democrats should all, like, send him, like, I don’t know — a box of chocolate, perhaps, for standing in the way of a $6 trillion bill, flooding this inflation, like, torn economy with a $6 trillion or $3 trillion," Scarborough went on.

"It is never enough," he concluded. "When the Republicans are saying, yeah, we’ll sign on to this. Good is never good enough. Again, Democrats are left with nothing, and they’re running out of time."


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