News Anchor Calls Out Senator Over False Claims Concerning New Florida Law

Bret Baier, a prominent anchor for Fox News, called out and heavily criticized Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) as part of an interview this past Sunday in which he accused Murphy of issuing false statements in regards to Florida's new "Parental Rights in Education" law because of recent statements from the senator arguing that the new law "target[s]" gay children.

Baier went on to ask Murphy if he agreed with the statements originally made by President Joe Biden (D) in which he outright demonized all of the people standing in support of former President Donald Trump’s (R) policies as being "the most extreme political organization that’s existed" throughout recent American history.

Murphy issued a response by choosing to ignore the question posed to him and going on instead to reinforce his claims that the bill was outright targeting gay children.

"I mean, I, I am very concerned about the sort of very quick, hateful, divisive turn, that the Republican Party has taken," claimed Murphy. "This effort in Florida, to sort of target gay kids in schools, I just think is mean spirited, and something that I had not seen from the Republican Party when I first started out in politics 20 years ago."

"Hold on, I’m going to interrupt you. To target gay kids in schools? The bill is about not talking about sexual identity from K through third grade. That’s not targeting gay kids," counter Baier in his response.

"Yes it is. It is absolutely is," stated the senator. "It is sending a message to these kids, that they are not worthy, that they should be ashamed of their identification."

Murphy then proceeded to bullrush through the comments that Baier was saying, interrupting him as Baier tried to point out that the new law was entirely not about discussing sexual identity with young children.

"Senator, do you talk to your kindergartner about sexual identity?" posited Baier.

"Half of trans kids in this country have contemplated suicide and that’s because of the effort to bully them for their identity by adults in this country," exclaimed Murphy, ignoring the question asked and making blanket parrotted statements.

"With your children, did you talk about sexual identity as a kindergartner?" asked Baier once again before unleashing quite the memorable line: "I mean, you don’t talk about the birds and the bees, let alone the birds and the birds, at that age, kindergarten through third grade."


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