Jon Ossoff Useless to Democrats in other Georgia Races

The Democrats were really banking on the potential success of Jon Ossoff's campaign when they decided to pool their resources for him and garner millions in campaign contributions during the Georgia Special Election and so far it doesn't seem to have built his campaign up as much as they had hoped.

Coming up on June 20th, the runoff election will be a wrap for Republican-held seats this year, depending on who wins... given their single digital loss in Kansas and Ossoff only gaining 48% of the vote in the original polls, Dems are under a lot of pressure.

As Written By Phillip Stucky for the Daily Caller:

Georgia Democrats hopes of expanding on Jon Ossoff’s success in the special election to replace former Rep. Tom Price were dashed after Republican Kay Kirkpatrick easily won the special election for the state legislature Tuesday.

Democrats hoped that their gains in the Georgia 6th congressional district would translate to other local races, but Democratic candidate Christine Triebsch only earned $5,000 in donations and fell well short of winning the runoff election.

Kirkpatrick defeated Triebsch in the runoff election Tuesday, earning 57 percent compared to the democrat’s 43 percent. Turnout was fairly high for such a small race. Twenty percent of eligible voters participated in the small race. Forty-three percent of all registered voters participated in the nationally-known Georgia 6th congressional race, in comparison.

Triebsch attempted to latch on to Ossoff’s strong disapproval for President Donald Trump. She attempted to launch a massive grassroots effort around her opposition to Trump and even announced she would not have run if Trump lost the presidential election in November. Despite using Ossoff’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, she only managed to net $5,000 in donations, and she gave $5,000 in donations to her own campaign. She also fell roughly 4,000 votes short of the win.........


'Ossoff Effect' Fails To Help Dems In Other Georgia Races | The Daily Caller

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