New Poll Shows Thoughts Of Most Americans On Teaching K-3 Children About Transgender Issues & Sexual Orientation

The vast majority of Americans seem to be showing support for a ban on the teaching of young kids about transgender issues and sexual orientation via public school, as discovered by a newly released poll.

This newest survey seems to indicate broad-spectrum support for a brand new law in Florida, which somehow has become a massive culture war tinderbox that pitted Republicans and the majority of family groups against the corporations and for some odd reason, celebrities. Disney leaped headfirst into the public opposition group of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signing the "Parental Rights in Education Bill," which states a "school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels," ad only in a propper and age-appropriate method past that time.

The Golden/TIPP poll, which completed and finalized its results on the 8th of April, discovered that Americans are almost twice as likely to show support for the law than to stand in opposition to it. A grand total of 57% of those polled agreed with the themes of the legislation, while a small 31% stated their disagreement.

"Interestingly, a majority, irrespective of party affiliations and ideologies, backed the bill, except for liberals," stated the pollsters. Republicans (73%), Democrats (51%), and independents (54%) all agreed with the parameters of the law. however, the various self-titled "liberals" show a split, with 42% being in favor of the new law and 53% being against the new law.

Quite a few so-called left-of-center personalities have stated that the new law doesn't even go far enough in its attempt to protect kids from disputed and highly controversial gender and sexual ideologies in public classrooms. "When I first heard about Florida’s Parental Rights bill, I was shocked it only protects children K-3," stated former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who was previously a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful. "Third grade? How about 12th grade — or not at all."

This new poll from Golden/TIPP adequately shows the overall public acceptance of this new law rising since back in mid-March when well over 50% of the American public stated publicly that they were against the teaching of young children, k-3, about gender and sexual identity from a Morning Consult/Politico poll.

It also seems to confirm another poll, carried out by Lucid on behalf of The Daily Wire, which discovered that 64% of Americans are in favor of the Florida child protection legislation, including 57% of the registered independents and 62% of Democrats.

It also discovered that black voters were even more likely than white voters to throw support behind this legislation from Governor DeSantis.

This group of polls seems to outright refute the claims made by the corporate detractors of the bill and the LGBT movement that these limits have next to zero public popular support. For example, Disney heiress Abigail Disney stated "most Americans are offended by" the bill "and wish it would just go away."

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