Idiotic MSNBC Guest Makes Strange Star Wars Reference Against Trump

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, guest Chris Whipple called Donald Trump a... Death Star. Connecting it by saying he damages anyone he works with.

On “MSNBC Live,” host Thomas Roberts said, “Well [Gen. Kelly] has a lot of respect and he went into the job with a lot of respect. And it is a shame that people now have some revelation to feel as if that is questionable. As you are saying, it is very ideological right now.”

Whipple responded, “Everyone who enters the orbit of this death star known as Donald Trump is sucked in and damaged and tarnished by it. That is the sad reality. And you know, H.R. McMaster has been smart to keep his head down ever since he went out and tried to defend the president’s leak of classified information to the Russians, way back when. Barry McCaffrey said his advice to Kelly was shut up. And maybe that is pretty good advice at the moment.”

I don't know if he's a nerd or hoping to connect to some of the more sci-fi audience but this was just weird if you ask me. I understand the reference, I don't agree with it but I understand it. All they want is for you to focus on their own negative narrative.

Rarely do I see any of the positive things that President Donald Trump has done on these "news" channels.

And perhaps even more rare is the reporting on things that are factual... you know with proof to back up their claims. Let us not forget CNN's "nothing burger" and how that's now quickly shifted to what's being called Uranium One, which involves Hillary Clinton.

Except in regards to the DNC itself which is seemingly trying everything they can to separate the party from the likes of her.

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