MSNBC Panelists Make Fun of and LAUGH at Hard Working Americans [Video]

A panel during AM Joy today was showing some photos of "working class white voters" as the participants began to laugh.

Eric Boehlert of the site BlueShare had stated that the media doesn't ask them often enough about President Donald Trump's "alleged" racism saying “Not only doesn’t the press want to call voters out, they want to, you know, hold them up as kind of virtuous. How many New York Times stories have we read about the white rust belt voters. They’ve written 15 profiles since January.”

“Never once do they ask ‘Isn’t trump racist? Why did you vote for a racist?'”

While it may not seem as genuine as the intent here, I found it rather telling that ultimately they didn't press on about the working class voters. I guess they assume that's not their viewership so why bother...

This is very disturbing, even for mainstream media. Despite it all these are the same Americans who walk on either side of the aisle who are watching their program. This is a genuine reason to take offense right here, folks.

This is certainly not the first time that AM Joy has made fun of Americans, either. In fact I remember when this Host on MSNBC took a Classless Swipe at Trump and First Lady Melania For The Most INSANE Reason.

This host has a history or just spouting nonsense for the sake of ratings and money. It shows time and again in her program. This time, though, she outright laughed at some rather simple notions about the American people and as I said before as ingenuine as it may seem to compare her laughing at the video to what I'm saying here it just continues to show a pattern of disdain for her fellow man.

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