WaPo Reporter Attempts To Walk Back Insane Claims Against Drudge Report Editor

Taylor Lorenz is known as a reporter for The Washington Post and was found herself on the receiving end of heavy criticism last month in the wake of doxing the woman behind Libs of TikTok, which is an anonymous Twitter account that creates content by retweeting videos posted by far-leftists in order to expose their heavy radicalism.

This past Monday, she put out a tweet on social media that attempted to accuse the Drudge Report of making threats to ruin her career and harass her.

"After calling and texting me relentlessly for a week, the Drudge Report editor just called my personal cell phone number, yelled at me when I asked him to leave me alone and said he would ‘blast my name all over Drudge Report until it ruins my career,'" she wrote.

The tweet in question has since been deleted from the platform by Lorenz.

these accusations from Lorenz are very serious. Matt Drudge, the normally reclusive blogger who was the first to report on Monica Lewinsky’s affair with President Bill Clinton, is said to run a very tight ship at his outlet.

These allegations seemed to prompt CNN's senior media reporter, Oliver Darcy, to try and speak with Drudge, who makes his residence on a massive compound out in Florida.

"@DRUDGE himself contacted @TaylorLorenz to ask for a correction after she said in tweets that a Drudge editor had harassed her. Drudge told me no one ‘associated with the DRUDGE REPORT’ had contacted her prior. Lorenz says her tweets were mostly a joke," stated Darcy in a tweet.

"WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz walked back an allegation on Monday that an editor for the Drudge Report had repeatedly harassed her after she was contacted by Matt Drudge himself. Lorenz tweeted Monday that she had bene ‘relentlessly’ harassed by a Drudge Report editor who had threatened to use the site to destroy her career. It was a serious allegation and so I checked in with Drudge who told me that he had ‘never contacted her, nor has anyone associated with the DRUDGE REPORT.’ Drudge, who made clear to me he was not pleased with the allegations against his site, forwarded me an email he had sent Lorenz asking for a correction," continued Darcy.

"When Lorenz received Drudge’s request, she deleted her tweets and posted a clarification: ‘For anyone who saw my post abt this man claiming to be from Drudge calling me non stop, good news: I heard from Matt Drudge & this man has zero power over Drudge! He’s claiming to be an editor all over the internet but he’s not. Sorry to disappoint everyone saying Drudge is based.’ Lorenz told me that her initial tweets were a ‘joke’ and that she found the idea someone could harm her career via the Drudge Report ‘hilarious.’ Lorenz said she was ‘laughing very hard about the idea’ and was simply joking about it online. ‘I am happy to correct the record that I have no drama with Drudge Report,’ Lorenz told me," the reporter went on.

Darcy stated, "A WaPo spox said: ‘Taylor was repeatedly contacted by someone who claimed to be a Drudge editor. As soon as she learned the person had no connection to the Drudge Report, she deleted the original tweet and wrote a tweet apologizing for her comment…'"


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