New Resolution from Kinzinger Would Allow Biden To Send Troops To Ukraine

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)  recently brought forth a new resolution this past Sunday to send American soldiers into Ukraine if Russia makes use of "chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons."

The legislator put forth the "Authorization for Use of Military Force [AUMF] to Defend America’s Allies Resolution of 2022" which would give President Joe Biden "authority and means to take the necessary actions" to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as read in statements from the office of Kinzinger.

"After World War II, America made our position clear — our commitment to freedom put autocrats on the defense and strengthened democracies around the world," stated Kinzinger. "In the last decade, we have seen this determination waver and tyrants, like Vladimir Putin, have exploited those vulnerabilities. Today, America has an opportunity to re-affirm our support to freedom-seeking people and firmly stand up to authoritarianism."

"After speaking with Secretary Blinken and hearing his grave concerns over Putin’s use of chemical weapons, I’m confident that the United States will show the international community that we will not stand for senseless violence," he went on. "My staff and I look forward to following up with Secretary Blinken to ensure Russia is held accountable for any and all violations to international law."

Kinzinger called his AUMF -- which is the same vector by which former President George W. Bush was allowed to make use of American military forces against those who carried out (/11-- a "clear redline" for the conflict in Ukraine.

This new resolution from Kinzinger came forth as many other top American lawmakers chose to make surprise visits to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the capital city of Kyiv. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who was the head of the delegation, stated that "additional American support is on the way" due to congress trying to pass President Biden's new $33 billion aid package. Currently, the package consists of $20 billion for weapons, $8.5 billion for the country's government, and another $3 billion slated for food and various humanitarian purposes.

The delegation with Pelosi also made another pitstop to visit Poland, where they took part in "meetings with U.S. senior officials to be further briefed on the humanitarian tragedy caused by Putin" and then met soldiers stationed in Poland with the 82nd Airborne Division. They then held meetings to talk about "the importance of the U.S.-Polish partnership and the centrality of the NATO alliance in working to meet the urgent needs of Ukraine and to counter Russia’s unlawful aggression."

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