Angry Cancel Culture Twitter Mob Turns On One Of Its Own Due To New Job

One transgender author found themselves the victim as they were targeted by the Cancel Culture mob in the wake of a user on Twitter alleging that the activist holds a job as a defense contractor for the U.S.-based global security and aerospace firm Lockheed Martin.

A self-described writer, activist, and nonbinary transgender boy, Ana Mardoll was called out and doxxed via social media on the 30th of July when users seemed to allege that Mardoll worked at the Fort Worth, Texas facility for Lockheed Martin.

"I’ve been aware that someone is trying to dox me and @ everyone I know in the process, so I might as well address some things here," stated Mardoll from a now fully deleted Twitter account.

"I’m sorry I have to do this," explained the author. "I work at a large corporation which I will not name. I work in software licensing, procuring text editors and code compliers for others."

I do not procure code for anything," stated Mardoll. "I got this particular job because my family works for the same corporation."

"I stay because I’m on an unusual part-time arrangement for medical reasons," expressed the activist. "It’s hard to find a remove [sic] WFH job that will give me medical insurance but let me work 10-20 hours a week."

A report from the Daily Mail stated that the person who first posted Mardoll's employment also kicked off a Medium Blog page where it shows her address and all of her personal social media accounts, which the site went on to take down due to it being an outright violation of its standards.

Katelyn Burns, a freelance columnist for MSNBC, jumped to the defense of Mardoll on social media.

"If you’re accusing my friend of war crimes, that is next level insane," stated Burns.

"Looking forward to weirdo lefties doxing every Lockheed Martin employee with this much glee since I’ve been informed it’s not really about this one person that these weirdos have obsessed over for months," she explained via a new social media post.

Working predominantly with the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies, Lockheed Martin has been accused of being "pro-war." Mardoll has been reportedly working for the company for well over 15 years, which seemingly enraged the Twitter mob, that would go on to blast Mardoll for being employed by such a company.

"Not going to weigh in on the Ana Mardoll/Lockheed Martin thing other than to say him having worked there 15 years is what’s really blowing my mind, because I assumed he was mid-20s because his bio describes himself as a trans boy," exclaimed another Twitter user.

"If you have the qualifications to get hired doing software development for Lockheed Martin, then you have the qualifications to find a job working for a significantly less evil corporation," another account stated.

"Ana Mardoll being a Lockheed Martin nepotism hire, who’s been there since the middle of the Bush administration, is making me lose it," called out another user.


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