Democratic Lawmakers In California Show 'True Pro-Life Agenda' For Recent Budget Announcement

Legislators in California finally agreed to a deal this past Sunday night in order to give out tax refunds for their citizens, as well as move more funding over into reproductive health after the recent SCOTUS decision to give the states back the power to determine their own policies regarding abortion.

As released in a joint statement, Governor Gavin Newsom (D), Senate President pro-Tempore Toni G. Atkins (D), and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon(D) have stated that the blueprint for the 2022-2023 budget was finally agreed upon, and it seems to include $17 billion in inflation relief by issuing tax refunds to the people all across the state. Just about 23 million California citizens will get direct relief funds of up to $1,050, and the state sales tax on diesel will be stopped for a short time. Additionally, the new package will give out money in order to help with rent and utility payments.

As reported by ABC 30, the inflation package inside the budget will also hand out $350 to those who are making below the $75,000 threshold for income each year. Anyone who goes past that threshold will end up getting a smaller payment.

They also stated that California will be moving forward in efforts to address the climate situation by "securing additional power-generating capacity for the summer, accelerating our clean energy future, expanding our ability to prepare for and respond to severe wildfires, extreme heat, and the continuing drought conditions that lie ahead."

The statement then seemed to use more conservative language, going on to state that the budget "builds on our unprecedented commitment to transform the resources available in our state, from a $47 billion multi-year infrastructure and transportation package to education and health care, showing the nation what a true pro-life agenda looks like."

"With these new investments, California will become the first state to achieve universal access to health care coverage," it read.

Highlighting the "stunning Supreme Court decision" from this past Friday when a 6-3 vote from the justices about Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization — and 5-4 to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey —  the comment went on to add that California "is reaffirming its commitment to defending reproductive rights, providing more than $200 million in additional funding for reproductive health care services."

While the comments did not actually go into any detail, Newsom has made strides to turn California into a haven for those seeking to get abortions even those from other states.


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