Megyn Kelly Manages To Highlight Massive Holes In Hutchinson's Testimony

Megyn Kelly, a well-known independent journalist and radio host for Sirius XM, blew massive holes throughout the testimony given by Cassidy Hutchinson in front of the January 6 committee, making the argument that even "a first year law student could have driven a truck through the holes" in her testimony.

Formerly a host for Fox News, Kelly started out a recent broadcast by giving a monologue about the currently happening January 6 Committee hearings, starting with her own comments concerning former President Donald Trump. While making reference to her own debate questions about Trump's temperament, specifically in regards to whether or not he was suited to the presidency, Kelly gave the argument that Trump's behavior when he lost the presidential election back in 2020 was a solid indicator that she had been right to put forth questions about that.

Kelly then shifted gears to speak about the committee itself, claiming that its only actual purpose from the getgo had been to try and hurt Trump and prevent him from making an attempt at a 2024 presidential run, and she stated that if they were just honest about that, she might be able to scrounge up some interest in that they were spouting.

"It cloaks itself in sanctimony, purporting to be a fair-minded, down-the-middle finder of fact, just looking to get to the truth of January 6th," stated Kelly. "It’s a lie. And they prove every time they get together it’s a lie."

Kelly then pivoted to speak about the testimony that came from Hutchinson, claiming that her states were "causing Democrats and the press to collapse onto their fainting couches."

While going through each of the points made by Hutchinson, Kelly started with the claim that Trump allegedly knew that groups of armed supporters were trying to force their way into the January 6th rally and that he attempted to make agents of the Secret Service let them in without making them pass through metal detectors.

Kelly then pointed out the evasive language that Hutchinson chose to use even as she gave her testimony, highlighting that she had not really given any sort of direct statements. She instead had been "in the vicinity of a conversation" that she "overheard" where President Trump stated "something to the effect of" about his supporters bringing weapons.

"What actually happened?" Kelly questioned. "Did the Secret Service stop screening people? Were they let in? No one has suggested that … A first year law student could have driven a truck through the holes in that testimonial. Unfortunately, none was present yesterday, never mind a full-fledged lawyer presenting Donald Trump’s defense or even just pressing the witness on certain problems with her testimony."

Kelly then spoke about how she was not trying to suggest that Hutchinson was lying under oath, only that there were quite a few problems with the former aide's testimony that should be challenged.



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