Ohio GOP Congressional Candidate In Hot Water Over Allegedly Lying About Military Service

One Republican U.S. congressional candidate out in Ohio, J.R. Majewski, has found himself in some hot water over allegedly lying about his military service record while out on the campaign trail, as stated in a recently published report that went public on Wednesday.

As read in a recent report from the Associated Press, the 42-year-old politician has marketed himself as "an Air Force combat veteran who deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, once describing ‘tough’ conditions including a lack of running water that forced him to go more than 40 days without a shower."

Despite the claims, however, official records obtained by the AP seem to show that Majewski never actually got deployed out to Afghanistan and that he had been safely stationed at a U.S. airbase situated in Qatar where he was tasked with loading planes.

"It bothers me when people trade on their military service to get elected to office when what they are doing is misleading the people they want to vote for them," explained one retired colonel and a former chief prosecutor for the Air Force, Don Christensen, about Majewski, as reported by the AP. "Veterans have done so much for this country and when you claim to have done what your brothers and sisters in arms actually did to build up your reputation, it is a disservice.

As of writing, Majewski has not issued any public responses to the allegations laid out against him.

Majewski recently took the time to appear onstage as part of a Trump rally in which he stated that his pronouns "are patriot ass kicker."

"Folks, I love God. I love my family. And I love this country," he exclaimed at the rally. "I’ll tell you what, speaking at a rally for a guy like me that grew up in Toledo, Ohio. I got eagle bumps. We don’t get we don’t get goose bumps here. If you’re at a Trump rally, you get eagle bumps."

Trump announced his official endorsement of Majewski as part of a release over the summer, stating that Majewski "will be a fantastic Congressman for the incredible people of Ohio’s 9th Congressional District."

"J.R. bravely served in the U.S. Air Force and has spent 20 years working in the nuclear energy industry," stated Trump. "In Congress, J.R. will always Promote American Energy, Secure the Border, Support our Farmers, Protect Life, Defend the Second Amendment, Fight for Election Integrity, and Provide our Veterans with the Care they Deserve."

"J.R.’s opponent, Marcy Kaptur, has been in Congress for nearly four decades, is not at all a respected Member, and is fully controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Left," the release concluded. "She wants to stay there forever and do nothing. J.R. Majewski will be a fantastic Congressman and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement."

"I’m beyond honored to have earned President Trumps endorsement and I look forward to serving each and everyone in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District," expressed Majewski in response to the endorsement from Trump via social media.

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