Politico Issues Dire Warning To Current Democrat Party - They're Losing The Workin' Man

Politico published a piece on the huge divide within the Democratic party. In chasing the big bucks from the rich Democratic elite, they have been forced to cater to their wants and needs. In the process, they abandoned the rank and file Democratic voter who doesn't care about cheap labor and the right of transgenders to use whichever bathroom they want.

They understand that global warming scares are based on junk science. For over a decade now, climate scientists have refused to debate skeptics. That is because the last time they did, they got their butts handed to them.

From Breitbart News

Author David Freedlander writes:

Increasingly, the Democratic Party features what social scientists call an hourglassstructure, with a smattering of elites at the top and a vast working class on the bottom. It is those on the top who drive policy, and their interests don’t always coincide with the party’s longtime base. Lee Drutman, senior fellow on political reform at New America, puts it more bluntly: “Democrats have an upstairs/downstairs coalition with an affluent class that does quite well. And they are in a coalition with a poorer set of voters who don’t seem to get ahead.”

This split could endanger the party, according to the article:

As the upper end of the party gets more and more liberal, it risks moving away from what the base really wants. Surveys show that less-educated Democrats tend to harbor a host of more conservative views—more skepticism of government regulation, for example, more concern about illegal immigration, less interest in the environment and gay rights, and even less interest in a robust social-welfare state.

The only area in which better-educated Democrats lean more conservative than their less-educated counterparts is on the question of corporate power: Better-educated Democrats are slightly more likely to think that corporations make a fair and reasonable amount of profit. (Republican views on such matters are far more homogeneous across income groups.)

Think it's not true? Remember the same conditions existed in the 1980s and it led to President Ronald Reagan winning reelection with 49 states. Those very same conditions exist today but in a much more extreme way.

People vote with their wallets and their pocketbooks. That could spell disaster for the Democrats. That's why they want to win the House so badly, so they can put up a roadblock on America's prosperity.

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