Senate Select Intel Staffer Targeted Trump Aide Carter Page - Oh And He's A Leaker

James A Wolfe, former security chief for the Senate Select Intel Committee (SSIC) is being said to have targeted Trump campaign aide Carter Page in leaking classified material to the press. He is charged with leaking and lying to the FBI.

He told them several times that he did not know Ali Watkins, a reporter he had a four-year affair with. He seemed to be concentrating on Carter page in an effort to hurt candidate and then president Trump. He was in contact with three reporters at the time the committee received the Page documents.

From The Daily Caller

Wolfe handled court documents that ended up being cited in an April 3, 2017 BuzzFeed article written by Watkins that identified Page as “Male-1” in court filings in a Russian spy ring case, according to the indictment. The Senate panel received the documents from an executive branch agency on March 17, 2017, the indictment stated.

That same day, Wolfe exchanged 82 text messages with Watkins on the day the committee received the Page documents. The pair had 124 electronic communications the day the BuzzFeed article was published.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) seized Watkins’s email and phone records as part of an investigation into the Wolfe leaks. She has not been accused of wrongdoing in the case and has denied receiving classified information from Wolfe.

One of the articles told about Page being approached by a Russian agent posing as an energy consultant. The story told of page's involvement but somehow failed to mention that the FBI informed Page that the spy was trying to recruit him and that Page worked with the FBI to make a case against Victor Podobnyy and helped convict him.

Wolfe also denied knowing a second reporter who did a story on Page, but the FBI found that he had communicated with the reporter at least five times. There has been no reason given why he targeted Page or the Trump campaign. We may find out more as the story unfolds, but at this time Wolfe appears to be in a world of hurt... Thank God.

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