Trans Woman Skateboarder Brags About Beating Children To Win Championship

The biological male who is 29-year-old and now identifies as a woman and managed to beat out several young girls to take a victory at a recent women's skateboarding contest in New York, which has sparked an insane level of outrage on its own, has now taken to bragging about going all out to win over the literal children.

This past Saturday, 29-year-old Ricci Tres took first place for The Boardr Open women's division over the winner of last year's event, 13-year-old runner-up Shiloh Catori, and three other kids, which included a 10-year-old Juri Iikura.

"I wasn’t going to go easy on them just because they’re kids," boasted Tres, seemingly proud of their achievement, to The Daily Mail.

Formerly known as Richard Batres, Tres formerly served as a 2nd Class Petty Officer for the Navy and was previously married relationship in which he fathered three kids.

"It’s funny it’s what I am getting beat up over the most, people saying, “You’re beating little kids, little girls. … I didn’t intend to do that. This is the first one I’ve been to that I actually wanted to win….the age thing doesn’t really count," stated Tres.

"Last year, Tres became the first trans woman to attempt to quality for Olympic Women’s skateboarding, submitting a virtual run for the USA National Skateboarding Championships," stated The Daily Wire. "But the biological testosterone reportedly tested too high to allow entry as a female under International Olympic Committee (IOC) standards."

"I don’t think I have a physical advantage," complained Tres. "Look at me. I’m not buff or anything. … I don’t work out really; I just skateboard. And I don’t think skateboarding has anything to do with physicality, especially when you look at kids these days."

"Male wins women’s skateboarding finals and money at the Boardr Open NYC presented by DC today," read a tweet from Taylor Silverman, who has stood against any biological men competing against her or any other women in any women-only events.

Silverman claimed that she finished second to Lillian Gallagher, another male competitor who states that they identify as a woman at the Red Bull Cornerstone Contest. "I reached out to Redbull and was ignored," exclaimed Silverman via social media. "I am sick of being bullied into silence."

Silverman took first prize for the Red Bull Cornerstone Detroit Women’s Finals back on the 7th of November, 2021, and the very next day Gallagher took first prize for the Red Bull Cornerstone Milwaukee Women’s Finals, before going on to again win first prize for the Red Bull Cornerstone Minneapolis Women’s Finals later that month.

"My name is Taylor Silverman. I am a female athlete," stated Silverman's recent post. "I have been skateboarding for eleven years and competing for several years. I have been in three different contests with trans women, two of which I placed second."

"At the last contest series I did for Redbull, I placed second," she stated. "The trans competitor who won took $1000 in qualifiers, $3000 in finals, and $1000 in best trick. This totaled to $5000 of the prize money meant for the female athletes."

"I took $1000 in qualifiers and $1750 for second place, so $2750 in total," she highlighted. "The girl who took third received $750.The girl who deserved $1000 for best trick took nothing along with whoever would have placed third."

"I deserved to be place [sic] first, be acknowledged for my win and get paid," she explained. "I reached out to Redbull and was ignored. I am sick of being bullied into silence."

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