WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Spotted Throwing Elbows At the Swearing In Ceremony For Mayra Flores

The internet is going crazy after what appeared to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi throwing an elbow at the daughter of the recently-elected congresswoman Mayra Flores (R-TX) while attending the swearing-in ceremony this past Tuesday.

A video clip that has been sweeping its way across social media platforms highlighted the Democrat from California wildly waving her arms as she spoke, when she noticed how close Flores' daughter was to her, she dropped her elbow down and shoved the young girl away.


As soon as Pelosi moved her arm back to her side, after shoving the girl, FLores' daughter shifted back into the spot she had been before being pushed over by the House Speaker.

"‘It’s about the children …’ says @SpeakerPelosi," chimed Congressman Chip Roy in response.

"Clearly, Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person … but what really made me smile about this is the young lady is being raised right. She moved right back over and blew off the nasty elbow," stated Joe "Pages" Pagliarulo, a radio host, via a tweet.

"Has the Left excused Nancy Pelosi’s elbow to Mayra Flores’ daughter yet, or are they ignoring it; same as they’ve done with everything since Biden was elected? Couldn’t have been my daughter. I would have broken all kinds of decorum. ‘ELBOW MY KID AGAIN AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!'" claimed Zeek Arkham.

Miranda Devine, with the New York Post, also piped up by stating, "Wow. Shows you who Pelosi really is. ‘For the children.'"

"Pelosi giving a shove to @MayraFlores2022 child during her swearing in. That tells you all you need to know about Pelosi," stated @LionHearted76 quite succinctly.

Flores was officially sworn in on the 21st of June, this past Tuesday, after managing to make history with her victory in the 34th Congressional District of Texas. Her newly-earned seat, which has been long held as a Democrat seat, was lost by Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX) when they chose to resign this past March to move over to a job at Akin Gump, a known lobbying group and law firm.

Flores is currently slated to serve the rest of Vela's term, but she will have to stay in a campaign mindset and she will be required to defend her newly conquered seat in the upcoming midterm elections in November.

Her recent win in the special elections on June 15th solidified Flores as the very first Mexican-born Congresswoman to actually serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. She was brought to the United States at six years old and is currently married to an agent of the Border Patrol.

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