Hannity: I’m Not Going to Do What the Left Does [VIDEO]

Sean Hannity is known for telling it like it is, if he's known for ANYTHING! So it should come as no surprise when, during his program, he stated that Senator Bernie Sanders is "NOT RESPOONSIBLE" for the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice and that, in fact, MOST of his supporters are not violent.

credit: Gage Skidmore

Hannity said, “I’m not going to do what the left does here. Bernie Sanders is not responsible for what one of his stupid supporters has to say. Because most Bernie Sanders supporters are not violent and not out there trying to kill Republicans, and Bernie said he was sickened by the entire anti-GOP massacre here, alright?"

"And I believe him. But, if it’s, you know, the Oklahoma City bombing, didn’t stop Bill Clinton from blaming talk radio.”

I respect and agree with that and admire Hannity for calling it like it is. Too often, the liberal-left (especially the media) goes on these insane rants about how it's EVERYONE'S (on the right) FAULT! This is totally and absolutely inaccurate reporting. I commend Sean Hannity for this action. It is not Bernie Sanders fault!


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