8 Lies by Joe Biden and the Left that Twitter Didn’t ‘Fact Check’

Twitter who has partnered with groups to push mail in balloting is now "fact checking" Trump when he says it will lead to voter fraud. They claim there is no truth to the voter fraud claim, which now moves Twitter into second place in overall lies, a distant second to Adam Schiff. They need to get yanked from the internet for aiding and abetting voter fraud. Democrats have in the past claimed that absentee balloting is rife with fraud, Including Jerry Nadler in 2004.

But for some strange reason, Twitter never fact checks Biden or the Democrats even when it is obvious that they are lying. The Federal Elections Commission shout hit Twitter and other social media outlets for campaign contributions known as PIKs. That stands for Payment in Kind. What would you say the value of Twitter censoring Republicans is worth? $100 million? That is making an illegal campaign contribution and they should be fined and execs should be jailed for the same thing others have gone to prison for.

From Breitbart News

1. Media falsely claim that Trump went golfing on Memorial Day — not fact checked by Twitter.

Earlier today, numerous false reports circulated on Twitter from mainstream journalists incorrectly claiming that the President was out golfing on memorial day. The claim is false, and can easily be proven false with a quick search of news articles: Trump was indeed golfing this weekend, but on Memorial Day itself, he attended a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary with Vice President Pence. Twitter nonetheless allowed this claim to go viral without any fact-checking labels applied to it, on the same day it fact-checked a perfectly valid concern from the President about voting fraud.

2. Biden, Democrats falsely claim they called for lockdowns one week before Trump — not fact checked by Twitter.

Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden regularly pushes misinformation about the Chinese virus, falsely claiming that he called for a shutdown one week before Trump. There is no evidence that he made any statement of the sort — on the contrary, he is on record vocally opposing Trump’s early travel ban on China. His claim of an early call for lockdown, which took place during his now-infamous interview on The Breakfast Club, (2:34) has not been fact checked by Twitter.

3. China pushes conspiracy theory that the U.S. military created the coronavirus — not fact checked by Twitter.

Chinese propagandists are regularly allowed to flood social media platforms with misinformation, the most egregious of which is the conspiracy theory that the U.S. military created the Chinese coronavirus. In March, Chinese government spokesman Lijian Zhao tweeted that “it might be the US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Beijing propagandists have also spread the false narrative, highlighted by U.S. lawmakers in a March letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, that China did everything possible to control the global spread of the virus — even though the communist government initially tried to cover up reports of the burgeoning outbreak in Wuhan, where the virus emerged.

4. Biden claims Trump has “no comprehensive plan” for the virus or the economy — not fact checked by Twitter.

On the same day that Twitter fact-checked President Trump, Joe Biden tweeted the demonstrably false statement that President Trump has “no comprehensive plan” for the virus and economy. On the contrary, earlier this month the Trump White House released a step-by-step plan for the reopening of America, with guidelines for how and when states and businesses should reopen.

5. Biden claims he wants “any records” of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against him to be released, even though he’s blocking the release of his Senate records — not fact checked by Twitter. 

Joe Biden has falsely claimed that he wants “any records” of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation to be released, even though he has blocked the release of Senate papers from archives in the University of Delaware. The claim, repeated and disseminated by the mainstream media, has not been fact checked by Twitter.

6. Media falsely claims Trump was warned about the outbreak as early as November — not fact checked by Twitter. 

Last month, ABC news ran poorly-sourced claims that the National Center for Medical Intelligence, an arm of the Pentagon, briefed the White House on the coronavirus as early as November. In response, the NCMI put out a rare statement debunking the piece (the agency doesn’t normally comment publicly on intelligence matters). Despite this, viral tweets of the article remain on Twitter, without any fact checks.

7. Kamala Harris falsely claims that 100,000 coronavirus deaths “didn’t have to happen” — not fact checked by Twitter.

Failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris claimed that 100,000 deaths from coronavirus in the U.S. “didn’t have to happen,” even though the figure is at the low end of what CDC officials predicted in March. Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that if the U.S. took no action, deaths could have spiked to the millions. A low estimate, in the view of Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, was between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths, meaning that Harris’ claim that the deaths “didn’t have to happen” are in reference to the lowest fatality rate estimated by CDC officials.

8. W.H.O. claims “no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus” — not fact checked by Twitter.

In January, the World Health Organization repeated a highly destructive piece of misinformation from Chinese investigators in Wuhan, the initial epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. The claim, repeated in a tweet from the official WHO account, was that there was “no clear evidence” of human-to-human transmission of the virus. The claim, now obviously proven false, remains without any on Twitter without any “fact check” label from the platform.

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