AOC Wants the Rich to Pay ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes — But She Still Owes More Than $2,000 in Unpaid Taxes From 2012

AOC wants the rich to pay their “fair share” of taxes so that she can implement her $93 trillion dollar Green New Deal. But, now we learn that AOC is refusing to pay her “fair share” in New York.    In 2012, AOC opened a publishing company. Under her leadership, the business failed. But she failed to pay her tax bill for $ 1,618. The state shuttered her business and put out a warrant for the unpaid taxes.

Her office said she would pay the bill immediately in March of 2019. That never happened. Now she says she owes no taxes and has filed an appeal of the taxes which has now grown to $2,089. The question I have is if she does not owe the taxes, why did she wait 6 years before contesting them. She must have been notified several times about the overdue taxes and apparently she just ignored it.

Her opponent for the seat, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera took notice though and roundly criticized AOC for her failure to pay her fair share.

Caruso-Cabrera’s spokesperson  said:

“She just thinks she’s better than everyone else. Clearly, she’s worse.”

From The Blaze

The far-left progressive House member has been an advocate for wealth redistribution for years. One of her signature issues since being sworn into Congress in January 2019 has been a 70% tax on the rich.

Why? For Ocasio-Cortez, it’s because the nation’s wealthiest have gotten away with not paying the taxes she believes the should be paying, they haven’t been paying “their fair share.” As she told CBS’ “60 Minutes” days after joining the House: “There’s an element where, yeah, people are going to have to start paying their fair share in taxes.”

For the congresswoman, a “fair share” does not include the taxes she has owed for years.

AOC’s hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed by her Democratic primary challenger, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

“She just thinks she’s better than everyone else,” Caruso-Cabrera’s spokesman told the Post. “Clearly, she’s worse.”

AOC will face Democratic challengers in the June 23 primary in the 14th Congressional District, which covers portions of The Bronx and Queens.


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