BALTIMORE: Black Woman Punches Police Officer Twice in the Face — Gets Knocked out in Street (VIDEO)

In physics we learn that for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. That's what happened Baltimore on Friday. An unidentified woman punched a police officer in the face twice. What she wasn't expecting happened next. Another policeman on the scene punched the woman to stop her attack. She went down like a ton of bricks. And furthermore, she stayed down. No doubt she was her phone to a lawyer soon after in order to sue the Baltimore Police Department.

This type of behavior is acting out all over the country. Law enforcement need to know who is funding these riots. They have been extremely violent and in Minneapolis, the cops are downright invisible. The mayor Jacob Frey has surrendered to BLM and antifa.


From The Gateway Pundit

A woman in Baltimore on Friday night punched a police officer twice in the face.
The officer did not see it coming.

Don’t think she was expecting to get clocked in the head from behind…

She may think twice next time.

Violence is permeating the core of our inner cities. They are looting and vandalizing everything in sight. The reason the riots seem so much worse today than they have in the past is because we used to have mayors who would not stand for this kind of behavior.

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