Biden BUSTED After Teleprompter Exposed in Reflection During TV Interview

Joe Biden has been busted.  It had been pushed that Joe Biden was reading off a teleprompter during an interview.  Some in his campaign denied the charge but others refused to answer. But now there is video proof that the teleprompter was on thanks to Sleepy Joe.

During the interview, Biden held up a picture of his family.  There was a reflection off from the glass. You can see that there are words on the teleprompter. This is why I don't believe Joe Biden is ever going to debate Trump.  His handlers can't answer for him.  They might try to slip an ear piece into his ear and cover it with his hair.

What they can't risk is letting Biden handle on his own.  That would be the kiss of death for his campaign.  They cannot allow him to talk or answer questions. They only wish they could have kept him locked up in the basement.




From US 24 News

In the first week of September, Biden sparked speculation about using a teleprompter during interviews by saying the words “topline message” while discussing the Trump administration’s Venezuela policy. Josh Holmes, former chief of staff to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), alleged Biden was “reading the header” aloud from a talking points memo.

The issue has come up as it appears to observers that Biden has been using a Teleprompter during remote interviews.



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