Black Lives Matter Storm Target: We Will Shut Your Business Down

BLM invaded a Washington D.C. Target Store and they demanded that Target quit calling the police when they catch someone shoplifting or fighting or any other offence and that they will shut them down if they don’t agree. This is extortion and they need to put an end to it immediately. If they allow this to happen no business would be safe from these domestic terrorist group.


From Breitbart News

The male with the bullhorn conducted a similar political performance on Thursday evening, where he led a similar event at a restaurant in the nation’s capital. Thursday’s script read:

We are here tonight while you are dining because black people are dying at the hands of the police. So, while you are dining, we are sorry for your inconvenience, but black people are dying today. While you are dining, we’re going to read you some facts about the murder of black people. We are here tonight because black lives matter. We are here tonight because black trans lives matter.

The protesters also chanted, “Free the people. Fight the power. Fuck the police.”

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