Chelsea Handler Offers Proof of Ignorance After making False Claim Against Preident Trump

No one ever accused Chelsea Handler of being overly bright, but she ha proved by her own words that she is not the sharpest crayon in the box. On Tuesday she implied that Trump was a racist because everyone he gave pardons or clemency to were white. Of the 11 granted their freedom 7 were white and four were minorities. Maybe she's color blind. Or maybe she's an idiot who engages her mouth before turning on her brain.

Handler, who claims to be a comedian but is unable to prove that fact considers herself to be a political activist. she has made ridiculous statements before but this is an example of being wrong on purpose. One look at the photo of those released would be the tip off. You would think that it's so simple even a liberal could figure it out. Well, you are wrong.


From The Blaze

While the notable names dominated the presses, one critic accused President Trump of granting favors to "crooks" with his executive actions. CNN's Chris Cuomo tweeted that President Trump "just pardoned only elites."

But several outlets took the time to reveal all eleven people who were soon to either reunite with their families or have their records wiped clean thanks to the president. Evidently, Ms. Handler did not read any such coverage.

"While our president exonerates criminals and releases them from jail, notice what color they all are," Handler tweeted, apparently ignorant of the fact that a number of women of color were pardoned or freed thanks to President Trump's actions on Tuesday.


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