Chicago Man Charged With Shooting Five People While Out On Bail For Possessing Firearm As A Felon

The liberal plan of charging very low bail or none at all is paying dividends.  Sort of. In NY people are being arrested multiple times because they don't have to come up with bail money.  Or very little.  A Chicago man , age 39, was under house monitoring after being release for gun crimes from the local jail.

He had a party at his house and at 2:00 AM he ordered everyone to leave. He then pulled out his gun shooting five people, two of them fatally. He has been rearrested and this time they will hold onto him. One of the party goers who had a concealed carry permit shot the man critically before being shot to death.

From The Daily Wire

The latest incident comes at the same time that Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx claimed gun violence was increasing in the city, touting the city’s Gun Crimes Strategies Unit in a tweet on Monday.

“Our innovative Gun Crimes Strategies Unit puts prosecutors directly into police districts struggling with high rates of gun violence – where it’s decreasing at a higher rate than the city as a whole. These data-driven efforts show the reality of addressing both safety & reform,” Foxx tweeted while linking to a tweet from the State’s Attorney’s Office that provided a study showing arrests are up in the districts with prosecutors. That study, from the University of Chicago Crime Lab analyzing CPD records, claimed that fatal and non-fatal shootings in the five districts with a GCSU prosecutor “decreased by 35% from 2016 to 2018, compared to 31% for districts without an embedded prosecutor.”

Rafael Mangual, a senior fellow in criminal justice at the Manhattan Institute, however, pointed out that shootings and murders were up 52% year to date.

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