Chicago Police Attacked By Protesters With Bottles And Fireworks At Columbus Statue


Welcome to Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago where letting rioters run wild and under staffing police is the fault of President Trump. When criminals shoot massive numbers of people, it's Trump's fault. And when rioters are arrested, it's the police's fault. But Lightfoot and the Chicago DA correct that overreach by letting the rioters go free.

When the mob reached the Christopher Columbus statue, they began attacking the out manned police with  rocks, fireworks, frozen bottles and other objects. All told, 18 officers were injured with some being taken to local hospitals and others being treated on the scene by paramedics. Police arrested 12 people for the attacks.

One veteran policeman had this to say:

“I have 17 years on this job. Last night was another example of how our leaders have let the radicals take over. We were outnumbered and unprepared once again. The initial officers on scene had no helmets or shields. Coppers were getting pelted with rocks, sticks, bottles and then shot with fireworks.”

“The lack of leadership has already gotten dozens of officers hurt….if the police aren’t allowed to do what is needed we will be burying one of our own.”


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