Colorado Leftist Isaiah Cordova Arrested After Jumping Curb and Attempting to Drive Over Blue Lives Matter Supporters

A far left nut in Colorado is under arrest after intentionally jumping a curb and his attempt to run over supporters of the police. He has been charged with  7 counts of attempted 1st degree assault, 7 counts of felony menacing and one count of reckless driving. Fortunately no one was hurt but it wasn't for the lack of trying.

The attack took place at a rally sponsored by the Northern Colorado Young Republicans and took place in the grass far from the street. It took a lot of effort to even reach the police supporters.

Congressman Ken Buck tweeted:

“My constituents were peacefully voicing their support for police when a SUV drove through the crowd, nearly hitting them. All Americans should be able to exercise their #1A rights, free of violence. The person responsible must be brought to justice.”


From Law and Crime

The defendant was charged with seven counts of attempted first-degree assault, seven counts of felony menacing, and one count of reckless driving. Another person was cited for “throwing missiles,” police said. Officers did not clarify what link this second individual had to the incident, except to say they were involved.

Cops did not identity the SUV suspect in their Facebook post, but he was named as Isaiah Cordova in a report from The Denver Channel.  The defendant bonded out of a custody as of Sunday, according to records viewed by Law&Crime. It is unclear if he has an attorney in this matter.


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