Democrat Nancy Pelosi: Trump Securing Peace Deals In Middle East Is ‘A Distraction’

Nancy Pelosi was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer.  Blitzer brought up the peace deals Trump negotiated with in order to bring peace.  Pelosi said that these deals were just a distraction.  Pelosi says she and fellow Democrats have waited for the president to come up with a peace proposal to create peace in the Middle East by means of a two state solution.

Pelosi has never been distracted.  Neither were Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. In sixteen years of Obama/Biden and Clinton, they managed just no peace deals. In the past month, President Trump produced three of them. First there was the treaty between Israel and the UAE, followed by one between Serbia and Kosovo.

Then there is a treaty between Israel and Bahrain.  Four Arab countries have announced they will establish embassies in Jerusalem.  The Democrats were never distracted by successful peace talks.  In fact they were never distracted by anything positive.  They just focus on power over your everyday lives.

Pelosi said:

“Well, hopefully they won’t—hopefully they will beneficial [sic] to the region. We’ve been waiting for a very long time for the president’s proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement that honored the two state solution. It was coming in two weeks, it was coming in two months, it was coming in six months—it still hasn’t come in any way that has brought peace.”

“So, good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of people who are dying from this virus only increases.” 


The White House released the following information on the peace deal:

SECURING ANOTHER HISTORIC AGREEMENT: President Donald J. Trump has brokered a deal to establish full diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Israel – the second such agreement between Israel and an Arab nation in less than one month.

  • Israel and Bahrain have committed to begin the exchange of embassies and ambassadors, start direct flights between their countries, and launch cooperation initiatives across a broad range of sectors.
  • This peace deal is a significant step forward for both Israel and Bahrain.
    • It further enhances their security while creating opportunities for them to deepen their economic ties.
  • This deal comes on the heels of the historic normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.
    • The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are the first Arab nations to normalize relations with Israel in more than 25 years.
  • The United States will continue to support the people of Bahrain as they work to counter terrorism and extremism, develop economically, and build new peaceful partnerships across the region.
CREATING THE CONDITIONS FOR PEACE:  President Trump’s wise foreign policy strategy has created the conditions for peace between Israel and its neighbors.
  • When President Trump took office, the Middle East was in a state of extreme turmoil.
  • President Trump has worked to rebuild trust with our regional partners and identify their shared interests, moving them away from the conflicts of the past.
  • Thanks to the President’s bold foreign policy vision and his acumen as a dealmaker, nations across the region are realizing the benefits of his thoughtful approach.
  • As the President’s work continues, more Arab and Muslim countries will likely seek to normalize relations with Israel.
  • Each country that normalizes relations will build upon the other, bringing peace and prosperity to the region and the people who live there.
AN UNPRECEDENTED REGIONAL TRANSFORMATION: After decades of instability and crisis, nations across the Middle East and Africa are increasingly working together to build a more peaceful and prosperous future.
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