Did the Corona Virus Originate in China's Only Level 4 Super Lab “Is Only a Few Miles Away”

The official explanation from the Chinese government is that the Corona Virus started at the Wuhan animal market. The problem is the first few people who came down with the virus had no connection whatsoever to the Wuhan Animal Market. Sen Tom Cotton came up with an alternative answer although he does not state it as fact, merely as a possibility. The market is only a few miles from China’s only bio-safety Level Four Super Laboratory that researches human infectious diseases.

That is a frightening thought that China could unleash the virus world wide. So far nearly 70,000 people have gotten the virus and over 1,600 people have died from it. And it has now spread all around the globe from people who visited the Wuhan area of China. A ship just docked in Japan and 70 of the passengers have been infected by the virus.

From The Gateway Pundit

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.  Senator Cotton claimed the coronavirus in Wuhan did not start at the food market as was initially reported.

Senator Tom Cotton:  So Maria, here is what we do know.   This virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal market.  Epidemiologists who are widely respected from China published a study in the international journal Lancet have demonstrated that several of the original cases did NOT have any contact with that food market.  The virus went into that food market before it came out of that food market.  So we don’t know where it originated…  We also know that only a few miles away from that market is China’s only bio-safety Level Four Super Laboratory that researches human infectious diseases.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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