Donald Trump Leaves Abruptly During Press Conference After Shooting Outside the White House

The Secret Service quickly whisked President Trump from a press briefing after an armed man was shot outside the White House. The Secret Service has yet to release any information on the armed man or what he might have been up to on the White House grounds. BTW, does anyone know where Jim Acosta or Adam Schiff are right now?

Once out of the briefing room, the SS explained to the president what was going on and an unflustered president went right back to his briefing, explaining that an armed suspect was shot on the White House grounds. He thanked the SS and told the reporters that he feels very safe in the hands of the SS.


A reporter asked Trump if he was rattled, the president asked him, "Why? Do I look rattled?" Another reporter asked Trump why he came back to the press conference and the president said that not coming back had not even crossed his mind.


From Breitbart News

He noted that the world was always a “dangerous place” but again thanked Secret Service for protecting him.

When a reporter asked him why he returned, Trump replied, “Well I didn’t even think about not coming back.”

The Secret Service followed up by noting that both a Secret Service agent and the suspect were transported to the hospital following the shooting.

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