Eggs Allegedly Thrown at Children During Rally Supporting President Trump: 'This is What the Democrat Party Represents'

Delaware State Police on Monday told The Blaze that "during a Republican Political Rally" on Sunday, a car with three men in it threw eggs at a crowd outside a restaurant that included small children.  President Trump made the observation that this is what the Democratic party represents today. And he's right. The Democrats have made acts of violence a normalized exercise of free speech but only with violence from the left.

Three adults and three children were hit by the eggs. No arrests have been made yet at this time. Lauren Witzke, a Republican candidate from Delaware for U.S. Senate, held this event in support of President Trump.



Witzke said:

"I wanted to show you what these hateful liberals did to a little child. They drove by, and they threw eggs at little children."

"This is a hate crime right here. Little children [are] getting egged" "just for being conservative."

"This is what the Democrat Party represents, this is what the Democrat party allows" and that "we have to build something better for our children and their future, because the radical left will throw eggs at little children, the radical left will throw profanities at little children."

This is not the only attack on a small child by Biden supporters. Two 21 year old brave Biden fans ganged up on a seven year old boy, leaving him crying his eyes out.

Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy — both 21 and from Wilmington  have been charged with a hate crime over the incident.

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