Federal agents Will Deploy to Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Pushes Back Against President Trump

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has softened her tone about President Trump sending federal agents into Chicago. She claims that she has received assurances that those agents will not engage with the protesters. I am sure that will not bind the agents if them protesters attack them. They will have the power to defend themselves and make arrests if necessary. But other than that the goal of the agents is to cut down the gun violence.

Lightfoot now says she welcomes the help President Trump is sending. She should realize that Portland is different from any other city because antifa and BLM are targeting federal property and federal officers. Lightfoot claims that the federal agents will be working with the team she is currently using. I hope not because that team has am record that is sketchy at best.

Lightfoot says:

"We welcome actual partnership, but we do not welcome dictatorship. We do not welcome authoritarianism."

"Unlike what happened in Portland, what we will receive is resources that are going to plug in to the existing federal agencies that we work with on a regular basis to help manage and suppress violent crime in our city."


ABC 7 Legal Analyst Gil Soffer said:

"The problem would come if the federal agents were to come into Chicago over the objection of local and state authorities to do run of the mill, garden variety street patrols or maintain the public order, that's where you'd run into some Constitutional issues."


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