GOP Senators Introduce ‘Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act’ to Fight Big Tech Censorship

Three GOP Senators are pushing a bill that redefines Section 230. 230 gives social media protection because they are not editors.  But when they censor, they are in fact editing. Therefore, they are already in violation of 230. There is a strong chance the Senate will pass it but not the House. They like them censoring conservatives and not liberals.

This is a loophole that must be closed. If they want to censor, that's fine but they must be willing to take responsibility for those actions.  They should not have it both ways. But I still believe they should be considered utilities and regulated accordingly.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Sen Marsha Blackburn and Sen Roger Wicker are the sponsors.

According to the release, the Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act would:

  • Clarify when Section 230’s liability protections apply to instances where online platforms choose to restrict access to certain types of content;
  • Condition the content moderation liability shield on an objective reasonableness standard. In order to be protected from liability, a tech company may only restrict access to content on its platform where it has “an objectively reasonable belief” that the content falls within a certain, specified category;
  • Remove “otherwise objectionable” and replace it with concrete terms, including “promoting terrorism,” content that is determined to be “unlawful,” and content that promotes “self-harm.”
  • Clarify that the definition of “information content provider” includes instances in which a person or entity editorializes or affirmatively and substantively modifies the content created or developed by another person or entity but does not include mere changes to format, layout, or basic appearance of such content.

This reform is needed as social media has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC. If the DNC wants a propaganda site, they should pay for it themselves. That's why I am for them elimination of PBS and NPR.















































































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