“He Was Going to Name Names… And Ends Up with a Bullet in Him” – Rep. Louie Gohmert Remembers His Friend Philip Haney on House Floor (VIDEO)

Louis Gohmert had become fast friends with Philip Haney after he decided to be a whistleblower against Barack Obama for appointing radical Islamists or at people with ties to Islamic extremists into his administration. Haney was ordered to delete and destroy all records of their ties to terrorism. He thought that was extremely dangerous, so he spoke up and even testified before congress.

Initially there were reports that Haney died of a self inflicted gun shot would but the coroner and chief of police deny that there is yet a conclusion of suicide. Haney's death was a surprise at least to most people that knew him. He was in talks to return to the DHS, about to get married and was starting a new book to follow the success of his first book.

The location of the gunshot wound is also mystifying. If you were committing suicide, why shoot yourself in the chest and not the head? In the head is almost always immediately fatal and even when it isn't you are not aware of the pain but by shooting yourself in the chest, if it's not fatal, you could die a painful death from loss of blood.

From The Gateway Pundit

he Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan released a video this week on Haney’s death. While the death scene made it appear a suicide, Ryan wants it known that a determination has not been made as to the cause of death.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke out on the House floor this week to remember his friend Philip Haney.

Rep. Gohmert did not come right out and say Phillip Haney was murdered. But he did do an excellent job of explaining why members of the Obama administration would have excellent motives to have done so.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: “I had a friend I met here years ago. His name is Phil Haney and he was one of the kindest, most patriotic, competent people I’ve ever known in my life… We had a mutual pact. If it’s said that either one of us end up having committed suicide then the other is going to make sure that truth wins out… He saw things that were a threat to this country, he said something, and he was severely punished for it, because apparently the Obama administration had some radical ties that they did not want anybody, including Philip Haney, to expose… He was gonna name names of people that put this country at risk…and he ends with a bullet in him?”

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