Joe Biden Plans Trip to Kenosha as Rioting Has Campaign Reeling

Just a couple of days ago cognitive challenged Joe Biden said he would not go to Kenosha and that if President Trump went it would backfire on him.Now, he is going there himself as he just passed Jimmy Carter for the most consecutive times of being wrong. His campaign numbers are sliding into the abyss and he is being forced out of his basement against his will.

His campaign lacks the ability to act as they have become the party of react. He said he would ban new fracking. That cut heavily into his votes in Pennsylvania and voila, he says he will no longer ban fracking. He said he would be willing to shut the country down again. That went over like a lead balloon, so now he says he won't.

Biden said:

“We’ve spoken to all the leaders up there. We’ve got to heal, put things together, bring people together. My purpose in going will be to do just that, be a positive influence on what’s going on.”

All the latest polls show that Trump is gaining support at the same time Biden has lost it. His campaign is in a panic because he can no longer hide in his basement as that strategy has blown up in their faces. He may not be able to sidestep the debates. If that is the case, he might as well hire himself a good ghost writer for his book on why he won the election but did not get the job, just like Hillary.

From Breitbart News

The situation has a number of Democrat strategists worried that a backlash against Biden could be brewing among suburban and swing voters. Both constituencies are considered must-win if Democrats have any hope of winning the White House in November.

Biden, himself, appears to be taking the threat seriously. On Thursday, the former vice president’s campaign announced they were launching a $45 million ad buy across the Midwest highlighting the candidate’s opposition to rioting and accusing Trump of mishandling the crisis.

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