Mail in Voter Fraud in Passaic County, New Jersey

That didn't take long. The second case of voter fraud since blue states went all mail in ballots. Rare indeed! The voting was for the city council of Paterson, NJ. Over three thousand votes were not counted over suspicions that they were fraudulent. We just don't know on whose side the voter fraud was on but I'm sure it's the Democrats. The Post Office had informed the Passaic County Election Board that they had some votes that were bundled incorrectly.

The votes that weren't counted would have changed the results in four races. We just don't know if it is fraud because the ballots are fake or if they weren't counted in committing voter fraud to get the preferential candidates elected. This is the second case where mail in voting caused fraud. In Oregon, Republicans had their party changed so they could not vote in the primary. Some people caught it early and changed their registration back to Republican only to find it was switched again without their permission.

The Passaic County Board of Elections released a statement that said:

“U.S. Postal authorities informed the Passaic County Board of Elections about bundled vote-by-mail ballots within their possession.” 

“These ballots have been delivered to the county and set aside. Board of Elections Commissioners will determine tomorrow whether these ballots will be counted. Any potential irregularities will be handed off to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.”


From The Gateway Pundit

In a New Jersey city council election that was decided by just a handful of votes, over 3,000 ballots were reportedly set aside, raising questions about the legitimacy of the election. 

As elections all over the country are taking place by mail-in ballot due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city council elections in Patterson, New Jersey, have been hit with a slew of allegations of voter fraud. 

Earlier this month, the fraud allegations began to surface on the night before the election, after the US Postal Service reported mailboxes stuffed with hundreds of ballots that were improperly bundled, NBC4 reported. 



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