Martha MacCallum Takes Rep Eric Swalwell to School

Rep Eric Swalwell appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum and she took him to school on the absurd way the Democrats refused to allow Bill Barr to speak during what was supposed to be a House hearing. Every time AG Bill Barr tried to answer the questions, the Democrat would simply reclaim their time and prevent Barr from answering.

MacCallum suggested to Swalwell that they could have just placed a picture of Barr and then they could all take turns yelling at it. His presence was really not required. The truth of the matter is that the Democrats did not want to explain why they have sided with the domestic terrorists against the American people. It would have been embarrassing.

MacCallum said:

“They kept saying, ‘oh, give me back my time, give me back my time.’ So here’s my question. Your committee has wanted him to come in here for a long time, right? I might think myself and a lot of other Americans wanted to see the exchange, because many of you have accused him of sidling up to the president, acting on his behalf. This was a golden opportunity for the country to hear what his answer was, and they didn’t get to hear what his answer was and I’m wondering if there was a fear that if he was given that opportunity that he might be persuasive to some people.”

Well, duh! The Democrats wanted to be able to get their point across while worrying that Barr would expose them for the do nothings that they are. I can't really say I blame them. They, simply do not want the American people to see them for what they are.

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