Massive Write In Ballot Fraud in NJ: 1 in 5 Ballots are Fraudulent

So many Democrats and their media lapdogs are lying through their teeth about mail in ballot fraud. If you listen to such luminaries as Stacey Abrams mail in balloting never breeds cheating by the Democrats but we only have to look back to 2017 in Texas. Nine people (Democrats) were arrested for perpetrating fraud with absentee ballots.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office arrested nine people Thursday for allegedly voting illegally in last year’s Edinburg municipal election, bringing the total number of accused to 14.

Thursday marked the second time the AG’s office made sweeping arrests in connection with the hotly contested November 2017 race, when longtime Mayor Richard Garcia was ousted and a new majority, led by Mayor Richard Molina, was ushered in.

Actually, we only need to go back two months to Paterson, NJ where 1 in every 5 votes were tossed out because of fraud. Two city officials and two others have been charged over the fraud within the mail in ballot voting. Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez were charged about the US Postal Service notified the board of elections that they found massive amounts of ballots that were packaged together.

From The Daily Caller

Only 13,557 of the 16,747 vote-by-mail ballots in Paterson were counted, a local NBC affiliate in New York reported in May. More than 800 ballots in Paterson were invalidated for appearing in mailboxes tethered together. One mailbox reportedly had hundreds of ballots tied together.

The board of elections disqualified another 2,300 ballots after concluding that the signatures did not match voting records.

One Paterson woman named Romana Javier, after NBC showed her a list of people who allegedly voted on her block, told the channel that she never received a ballot and did not vote. “We did not receive vote-by-mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” she said. “This is corruption. This is fraud.”

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