Michael Bloomberg Is Paying People $2500 A Month To Say Nice Things About Him On Social Media

If you wanted to buy an election you should talk to Michael Bloomberg. He is paying a group of people $2,500 a month to write good things about him on social media. That's more than a lot of campaign staffers get paid. They are required to write daily about Michael Bloomberg at least until the March 3rd Super Tuesday voting. From there it will be determined if they should continue.

This brings up an interesting scenario. What if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination? With the money he is willing to spend, Bloomberg could launch a campaign for the presidency via a third party bid. That would guaranty a Trump victory in November. On the other hand, if Bloomberg sneaks in and gets the nomination large number of Bernie supporters will simply stay home. Not only would Trump win but it would affect elections for congress as well.

The Nevada debate will be the first one Bloomberg gets to participate in. Will the other candidates bring up his racist and misogynistic statements he has made over the years? If they do, it could turn into a mudball fight. I might even watch part of it. I have been avoiding watching because the debates have been so dull, it's like torture.

 From The Daily Wire

The 500 “deputy digital organizers” will earn an estimated $2,500 per month — more than some campaigns pay senior staff — to “to promote Mr. Bloomberg to everyone in their phones’ contacts by text each week and make social-media posts supporting him daily,” the Journal reports. Organizers are expected to spend between 20 and 30 hours per week actively promoting Bloomberg on all of their social media platforms and making personal contacts where appropriate.

“‘The Fight for Equal Rights Has Been One of the Great Fights of Mike’s Life,’ reads one such suggested prompt regarding Mr. Bloomberg’s early support for same-sex marriage,” but the message can be tailored however the “digital organizer” thinks is best — whatever they believe will sway their family and friends to vote for Bloomberg in California’s primary on March 3rd.

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