More Voter Fraud in Oregon Thanks to Mail In Ballots...Allows Illegals and Non-Citizens to Vote

We are just a few short weeks into the push for mail in balloting and already we are seeing voter fraud crop up it's ugly head. In Oregon, the have a motor voter law that is allowing illegal aliens and non-citizens to get mail in ballots, even when they don't ask for or apply for them. The state sends out ballots to all registered voters, including non citizens. If you think this is purely accidental, you just haven't been paying attention.

A non citizen has blown the whistle on election officials and DMV officials in the state. She says that she never applied for voter registration but that the DMV registered her without her permission and she keeps getting mail in ballots from the state. We have no way of knowing how many ineligible voters will be voting in Oregon come November. Blue states also refuse to clear their voter rolls of the dead or those who have moved. How many of those ballots will be filled out and used to win undeserved seats for the Democrats?

From The Gateway Pundit

“I just want to highlight to American citizens this does happen. I don’t know why there’s this blind belief that it cannot happen. It does happen, it happened to me,” says a woman who has come forward to tell the story about how she, as a non citizen, ended up getting registered to vote without even knowing it, and had ballots sent to her. “I’m here legally, but I’m not a citizen,” she explains, as she came to the country as a child and has married a citizen, and then she started applying to become a citizen, going through all the proper steps.

Ever since the advent of vote-by-mail, elections integrity activists have pointed out all the different ways that such a system could be compromised.

While rumors have circulated for years that illegal aliens and non citizens were voting, most of the evidence pointing to such has been circumstantial, with few traces of actual hard evidence.

This whistleblower has come forward to tell her story about how she started receiving ballots in the mail, addressed to her, after she had changed her address with the DMV and postal service, both of which apparently have the power to input data that affects one’s voter registration.

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