New DOJ Prosecutors Say the Roger Stone Legal Team’s Accusations on Jurors’ Liberal Bias and Lies is a “Baseless Conspiracy Theory”

It turns out that the Deep State is not only deep, but wide as well. After four swamp creatures quit in the prosecution of Roger Stone, they have been replaced by more of the same. The new prosecutors have now said that the story about the jury being biased is just a conspiracy theory, which comes from the Democratic playbook, page twenty seven.

The foreperson of the jury was a Democratic candidate for congress and is currently a Democratic activist who has tweeted nasty things about Trump and Stone long before she was picked for the jury. A second juror is married to a DOJ employee who just happened to assist in the Roger Stone lynching. Yet, crooked judge let them on the jury but blocked a woman who worked on one Republican campaign thirty years ago.

That does not sound like a conspiracy theory to me. but it goes beyond just those two. How many jurors did those two influence? Especially the foreperson of the jury. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would be able to see the first trial was not fair and we haven't even discussed the behavior of the crooked judge, Amy Berman Jackson.

From The Gateway Pundit

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week — All Four Prosecutors in Roger Stone Case Are Far Left Agents with Impressive Liberal Credentials.

Now the new prosecutors involved in the Roger Stone case refused a request for a new trial and accused the Roger Stone of pushing a “conspiracy theory” for pointing out the outlandish bias of the jurors in his DC trial.

Law and Crime reported:

A footnote scorchingly rubbished Stone’s concerns:

As set forth in our opposition to the new trial motion, the Government opposes an evidentiary hearing. The defense new trial motion fails to allege newly discovered evidence rebutting Juror [redacted] veracity during voir dire, and its claims that she violated the Court’s social media order is rooted in a baseless conspiracy theory. Neither Juror [redacted] nor the 11 other citizens who served on the jury should be subjected to additional questioning.

“The new trial motion should be denied on the paper,” the footnote concludes.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier lead juror Tomeka Hart, on the Roger Stone case, is a radical Democrat with a long list of Democrat connections.  She now may be the reason that Roger Stone’s attorneys may be calling for a new trial.


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