Overwhelming Evidence Exposes Democrat Party’s Ongoing Systemic Racism

John Nolte of Breitbart News has laid out a long but absolute case detailing the racism of the Democratic party. We all know that it was the Democrats who fought to preserve slavery in this country but they were defeated by the Republicans who freed all of the slaves in this country. The Democrats were also responsible for the KKK, the Jim Crow Laws, the poll taxes and the opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, led by Al Gore Sr.

From Breitbart News

Nolte asked a key question:

Facts: America is accused of racism, of holding racial minorities back by way of system-wide white supremacism, and yet Jews, black Nigerians, Indian Americans (from India), and Asians are more successful in America than whites, and their respective imprison rates are lower than whites.

How is it possible in a country that we’re told is riddled with the cancer of white supremacism for those four groups to enjoy a higher standard of living and more success than their all-powerful, white oppressors?

The asking of the question answers the question.


  • Police shootings of unarmed people (including blacks) have dropped dramatically over the past few years.
  • Black and white deaths at the hands of police officers are almost perfectly representative of the country’s racial make-up involving police interactions.
  • The black imprisonment rate has been dramatically shrinking since 2006.
  • Black and whites are equally satisfied with their local police.
  • The black unemployment rate just hit record lows.
  • President Trump just signed long overdue criminal justice reform.
  • Every single American — white and black — was appalled by what happened to George Floyd and wants to see his family receive justice.

Below is the name of the victim, the city/state where the death occurred, and the political party in charge of the police at the time…

  • Rayshard Brooks – Atlanta, GA – Democrat
  • George Floyd – Minneapolis, MN – Democrat
  • Breonna Taylor – Louisville, KY – Democrat
  • Manuel Ellis – Tacoma, WA – Democrat
  • Atatiana Jefferson – Fort Worth, TX – Republican
  • Javier Ambler – Austin, TX – Democrat
  • Tony McDade – Tallahassee, FL – Democrat
  • Dion Johnson – Phoenix, AZ – Democrat
  • Jemel Roberson – Chicago, IL – Democrat
  • Botham Jean – Dallas, TX – Democrat
  • Stephon Clark – Sacramento, CA – Democrat
  • Jordan Edwards – Dallas, TX – Democrat
  • Eric Garner – NY, NY – Democrat
  • Laquan McDonald – Chicago, IL – Democrat
  • John Crawford, Beavercreek, OH – Republican
  • Freddie Gray – Baltimore, MD – Democrat

Out of those 16 names, 14 happened in cities or towns where a Democrat is in charge of the police department.

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