Panicked CNN Analyst Suggests Joe Biden Should Refuse To Debate President Trump (VIDEO)

CNN analyst and former Bill Clinton press secretary, Joe Lockhart,  is on the verge of a nervous breakdown after he considered what a Trump/Biden debate would look like. That thought brings to mind the Little Big Horn, the Hindenburg and Hiroshima except the debate would be a much bigger tragedy, at least if you are a Democrat.

Joe Biden has proven to be unable to deliver a single line even when it is written down on a piece of paper. Imagine what it would be like for him to take on Trump in a debate with no cheat sheet and no teleprompter. It would destroy the Democrat's chances for the White House.

That is why Joe Lockhart is urging Biden not to debate Trump. Under normal circumstances, refusing to debate could kill a presidential hopeful's dream of the presidency. But in this case, the debates would end Biden's chances. It's better to run away like a frightened schoolgirl.

I can see it now. To improve relations between the US and China, Biden would want to do an exchange of generals. China would give us Gen Cho, Gen Li and Gen Chan. Biden would then send them General Electric, General Motors and General Dynamics. Of course Democratic voters would think it's a wonderful idea.



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