‘Peaceful’ Portland BLM-Antifa Protester Charged with Assaulting Fed Officer with Explosive Device

A “peaceful” Antifa-BLM protester was charged after assaulting a US Marshal’s Deputy with an explosive device in the recent Portland leftist riots. No matter how violent the rioters get, the Democrats continue to insist they are "peaceful."One of those "peaceful" rioters has been charged with attacking s federal deputy with an explosive device.

The riots which have now gone on for 68 days seem to get more violent by the day because the mayor and the police chief refuse to do their jobs and it emboldens the anarchists to commit even more atrocious crimes. Isaiah Jason Maza, Jr., 18, of Portland, has been charged by criminal complaint has been charged with assaulting a federal officer with an explosive device.



The Justice Department reported:

U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams announced today that Isaiah Jason Maza, Jr., 18, of Portland, has been charged by criminal complaint with assaulting a federal officer with a dangerous weapon and willfully damaging government property during protests at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse on July 22, 2020.

According to court documents, in the early morning hours of July 22, 2020, a group of individuals gathered in an exterior entryway of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Several members of the group, including Maza, began removing plywood attached to the front of the building to protect its damaged glass façade. After the group successfully removed the plywood sheeting, Maza made multiple attempts to kick in the window, struck it with a metal object, and repeatedly pounded on it with what appeared to be a hammer.

Shortly thereafter, a number of people successfully removed the entire wooden structure protecting the courthouse entryway and an unknown individual broke one of the windows. After this breach, Maza walked toward the building carrying a cylindrical object. Maza then appeared to light a fuse connected to the object and place it inside the broken window. A short time later, the object exploded in close proximity to law enforcement officers exiting the building through the broken window. A deputy U.S. Marshal sustained injuries to both his legs as a result of the blast.

On July 31, 2020, deputy U.S. Marshals spotted Maza less than one block from the courthouse. Maza ran from the deputy marshals who pursued him several blocks by foot before catching and arresting him.

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