Pennsylvania Governor Wolf Threatens To Pull Funding From Counties That Re-Open Against His Orders

Pa Gov Tom Wolf is finding out that people are not huge fans of his Draconian lock down orders and are defying him out in the open. There is no proof that closing down an entire state will prevent DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be named) from spreading. The only state so far to reopen is Georgia and instead of their numbers climbing, they have actually dropped. Some states with Republican governors have stayed open.

The Franklin County Journal reports:

The revolt by a dozen or more Pennsylvania counties who are opening up their businesses against the dictatorial edicts of Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has apparently thrown him into a blind rage, which was further exacerbated by a Tweet from President Trump in support of Pennsylvania patriots and a news conference by State Senator and gubernatorial aspirant Doug Mastriano, in which he called for the resignation of the incompetent Health Secretary Rachel Levine.

Wolf attacked business owners who reopen from coronavirus shutdowns before they are allowed and the politicians who have encouraged them, calling them “cowardly”, threatening serious consequences to both groups.

Wolf said he would revoke state licenses for businesses that open early and stop some state funding to county governments, saying businesses that open before the state allows could lose licenses that are required to operate, including liquor licenses, health certificates and certificates of occupancy.

“These folks are choosing to desert in the face of the enemy, in the middle of a war that Pennsylvanians are winning and must win,” said Wolf, seemingly angry at times, at a press briefing.

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman stated that companies that ignore Wolf’s edicts could be jeopardizing their insurance coverage and putting themselves at risk of having their claims denied, adding that many policies have provisions that exclude coverage stemming from “illegal acts or conduct,” and could result in denied claims for property damage, protection from liability and other hazards should a business decide to reopen in violation of Wolf’s order.


Democrats are playing a dangerous game. If they cause so much pain that the voters forget they are Democrats, you could see a tsunami come November. All three states that Trump took away from the Democrats in 2016, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin all have have Democratic governors who are throwing out executive edicts like they were just so many peanut shells. It could also affect the down ticket races for congress or state legislatures.

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