Planned Parenthood: ‘We Demand’ Coronavirus Funding for Abortions

Planned Parenthood id demanding money for abortions. My answer to that is the same one my father used to give me. Demand in one hand and take a crap in the other and see which hand gets full the quickest. We have a law called the Hyde Amendment that strictly forbids using tax dollars to fund abortions. We want to do away with abortion, not promote it.

Maybe we should take a page from the Democratic playbook. They changed global warming to climate change. And they changed illegal aliens to undocumented workers. Let’s try that. Instead of calling them babies we should call them “guest children” or “undocumented kids.” Then maybe that would get them to stop. If it doesn’t we can send them some goats and chickens they can use to satisfy their blood lust.

They claim that women bear the brunt of the coronavirus crisis. If God announced he was going to destroy the entire Earth next Wednesday, the NYT headline would read, “World to end next Wednesday. Women and minorities the most affected.”

Alexis McGill Johnson, acting CEO of Planned Parenthood said:

“We’re the essential workers. We’re literally on the trains, we’re the ones who are essential healthcare workers, and child-care workers, and education workers. Our bodies are essential — but we can’t control them, right?”

From Breitbart News

Two weeks ago, Johnson even touted the “silver lining” of the coronavirus pandemic is that Planned Parenthood has used telehealth technology to provide drug-induced, at-home abortions.

One Planned Parenthood official in New York State boasted that the organization’s new tele-abortion service is so much in demand that one mother began her drug-induced abortion “at home with her children running around behind her.”

Dr. Meera Shah, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, told the Associated Press (AP), “We provided a medication abortion to an EMT while she was sitting in her ambulance. We provided abortion care to a mother who was at home with her children running around behind her.”

Planned Parenthood received considerable criticism for using the coronavirus crisis to achieve its goal of taxpayer-funded abortion from Twitter users and pro-life leaders.

“Once again, the abortion industry is prioritizing its own self-interest over the real needs of the women it claims to serve, arguing that Americans should be forced to pay for abortions with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars,” said Catherine Glenn Foster, president of Americans United for Life, in a statement sent to Breitbart News.

She added;

This latest attempt to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayers from funneling money towards abortion businesses, must be rejected. Congress should focus on guiding our nation through this pandemic and providing real, life-affirming support to Americans in need, not on fulfilling the wish list of Planned Parenthood.

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