Police Drop Out Of Democratic National Convention Security After Milwaukee Bans Pepper Spray

The Democratic National Convention could be heading for trouble if the rioters decide to act against the Democrats who are not going far enough with the policies they want to see. That is because there may not be much of a police presence in Milwaukee. Over 100 police departments have pulled back their offer of help after the liberals in the city decided to ban methods of self defense.

Police chiefs have explained that they could not in good conscience send their officers into a city where they could not even protect themselves from domestic terrorists. The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission banned the use of tear gas and pepper spray.  Liberals may not want to defund the police but they certainly don't want them to have an even break out on the streets.

The problem is that once you take away all non lethal methods of crowd control, all you are left with are lethal means. And if they had to use lethal means a liberal prosecutor would charge them with murder no matter what the circumstances. It's a lose/lose situation. Not many police chiefs would be willing to risk the lives of men and women in their command.

From The Police Tribune

Chief Morales said on Tuesday that more than 100 law enforcement agencies had backed out of agreements to assist with Democratic National Convention security since the Fire and Police Commissioner’s edict.

Milwaukee officials had listed only 60 partner agencies in a letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice two weeks ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb said on Monday that he expected even more police agencies to pull out of the program created to bring in 1,000 extra officers to help shore up security because of the violent protests ongoing nationwide.

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