Portland Police Rush in and Manhandle Antifa Militants Trying to Barricade Central Precinct – Police Knock Rioters to the Ground (VIDEO)

In Portland, Oregon the police threw a surprise party for the rioters. And believe me, they were surprised in the fashion of “shock and awe”. Not satisfied to merely move the crowd along that was trying to barricade Central Precinct, they were knocking them to the ground and arresting them. Antifa and BLM are not used to this kind of treatment in Portland. Normally the cops stand down and allow them to wreck havoc.


The rioters tried to set fire to the Central Precinct and surrounding buildings, while others were busy looting and vandalizing businesses. It’s about time that the Portland police were allowed to do their job. But Mayor Ted Wheeler is up for reelection in November and that is probably why he didn’t muzzle  the police and allowed them to do what they do best, keep the peace.

From The Gateway Pundit

Antifa militants in Portland tried to barricade the Central Precinct on Friday night.

Antifa had just set fire to the North Precinct.

The anarchists did all their usual stuff in targeting the North Precinct, such as tagging the police building, setting up pallets and barricades, and lighting random stuff on fire, before the police moved in and actually did their job.

However, last night, Portland police rushed in to stop the rioters trying to barricade the Central Precinct.

Police in riot gear manhandled Antifa terrorists and tossed them to the ground like rag dolls.

Their comrades were furious the police were actually doing their job!

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