Portland Rioters Hurl ‘Commercial Grade Fireworks’ at Officers, Launch Mortars Toward the Federal Courthouse

Violence erupted once again in Portland and the sun rose in the East this morning. In life there are very few certainties so it's nice that we have two examples of such. The anarchists in Portland tried to burn down a federal courthouse and attacked police with commercial grade fireworks. They also threw full cans, bottles and rocks.

According to police, a couple of hundred protesters met near the federal courthouse Thursday night and the violence continued right into Friday morning when the protesters had to rush home to retrieve their welfare checks from the mailbox. They also need to check in and make sure mommy did not lock the basement door.

The rioters shot off commercial grade fireworks in an attempt to burn down the courthouse. They had previously broken glass doors and windows and then tried to fire the rockets into the openings. Only one made it inside the building.


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